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Browse Assorted Meat Packages

Select the ideal gift for yourself or someone you love with Pfaelzer Brothers meat assortments. With packages ranging from the Elite Selection to the Complete Assortment, it is easy to find the correct size and amount of assorted meats that you need. From filet mignon to boneless Ribeye and even New York Strip Steaks, our meat assortments offer a cut to please every carnivore.

Our high-quality, hand-cut gourmet steaks are always chosen with care to provide ultimate flavor and enjoyment. Whether you want to send a special gift to family members to celebrate a major life milestone or simply want to have delicious assorted meat on hand for when you need it, our diverse packages provide an easy and delicious solution.

Steak Expertise

Since 1923, Pfaelzer Brothers has been specializing in steaks. Our steaks have always been hand-cut and selected from the finest quality of meat. Since everyone has their own personal favorites, we offer a variety of selections in addition to our assorted meats, including a Porterhouse cut and Tomahawk steak. When you’re ready to branch out beyond our superb steak selections, Pfaelzer Brothers also ships fresh beef burgers. Made from the same delicious meat our filets are cut from, you won’t find a juicier or higher quality burger option for sale online. They even come in two different sizes—an 8-oz. patty as well as 2.67-oz. sliders, perfect for sharing at a cookout or special occasion. Whether you are grilling out at home or sending a meat assortment cross-country, Pfaelzer Brothers is there to celebrate with you and your loved ones.

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