• Order Processing

    Order Processing

    Please allow 24 hours for order processing. All orders are processed during normal business hours. No orders will be processed over the weekend.

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  • Order Status

    Order Status

    It is great to see you again! We've made it easy to verify if your order has been shipped and to track it. To accomplish this, you need to have created an account during checkout.

    Login to My Account.

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  • Product Selection

    Selecting a Product
    Click the Add to Cart button.  You may select shipping addresses and recipients after placing items and quantities in the cart.  You can enter the recipient's shipping information later during checkout. 

    If shipping to multiple recipients, you must select the "Shipping to Multiple Recipients" button in the cart before selecting your ship-tos.

    Reviewing Your Order
    Upon adding an item to your basket, you'll be redirected to the "View Basket" page. Here you can select your shipping method for each recipient's "Ship-To" address and view your order summary.

    From here, you can continue shopping by clicking the "Continue Shopping" button on the top or bottom of the page, or, if you are ready to make your purchase, you can click "Checkout" to begin the checkout process.

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  • Promo Codes

    Promo Codes

    Only one promotion code per order is allowed. Some promotions may not be valid with any other offers. Check with the Offer Details to determine if it is exclusive. If you are linking from another web site or from an email you may have received from Pfaelzer Brothers, your promotion will automatically. All discounts will be reflected in the order total on the "Review Order Page."

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  • Sales Tax

    Sales Tax

    Due to the complexities of sales tax, at the time you place your order, your sales tax will be estimated based on the most recent tax rates and regulations.  Final sales tax value will be calculated when your order is processed and will be reflected in your Final Value Shipment Confirmation.

    We have a business presence in the following states and therefore are required by law to collect sales tax on items delivered to these states. Calculate your tax based on the state(s) of delivery. The rates listed below are the state rates. Please add local taxes where applicable. If tax rates change or additional taxes apply, we will adjust your total accordingly as we are required by law to collect the tax in effect at the time of your order.

    Sales Tax

    State Tax State Tax State Tax
    AL* 4.000% LA+^ 4.000% OH+^ 5.500%
    AZ+ 6.600% ME> 5.000% OK* 4.500%
    AR~^ 6.000% MD> 6.000% PA+^ 6.000%
    CA+ 6.250% MA+ 6.250% RI>^ 7.000%
    CO>^ 2.900% MI+^ 6.000% SC*^ 6.000%
    CT>^ 6.350% MN>^ 6.875% SD*^ 4.000%
    DC+ 6.000% MS*^ 7.000% TN~^ 7.000%
    FL>^ 6.000% MO~^ 4.225% TX>^ 6.250%
    GA*^ 4.000% NE+^ 5.500% UT~ 4.700%
    HI*^ 4.000% NV+^ 4.600% VT+^ 6.000%
    ID* 6.000% NJ>^ 7.000% VA~ 4.000%
    IL~ 6.250% NM+^ 5.125% WA+^ 6.500%
    IN>^ 7.000% NY>^ 4.000% WV~^ 6.000%
    IA> 6.000% NC~^ 4.750% WI>^ 5.000%
    KS*^ 6.300% ND>^ 5.000% WY+ 4.000%
    KY>^ 6.000%        

    * Food is taxable in these states, therefore all of our gifts are taxable.

    + Only gifts that include non-food items, such as baskets, cutting boards, tins, etc., are taxable.

    > Gifts that include non-food items or candy are taxable.

    ~ These states have different rates depending on your gift. For gifts that include non-food items use the rate in the table above. For gifts that are food only, use the following rates: AR 1.500%, NC 2.000%, IL 1.000%, MO 1.225%, VA 1.500%, TN 5.250%, WV 1.000%, UT 1.750%

    ^ Shipping and handling charges are taxable in these states.

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  • Security (Verisign)

    Security (Verisign)

    Pfaelzer Brothers is a VeriSign Secure Site which means that you may submit sensitive data (e.g., credit card numbers) with the assurance that Pfaelzer Brothers has taken the necessary steps to protect all customer information.

     VeriSign Secured

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  • Submitting an Order

    Submitting an Order

    New or Returning Customers
    To continue to checkout, you may either log in with your e-mail address and password if you are a returning customer, or continue without logging in if you are a new customer. New customers will be given the opportunity to create an account later in the checkout process, but may also continue as a guest. Guest customers will NOT be able to log into the site again later to review their order status or order history.

    Billing Address
    To continue, you must first verify (logged in customers) or submit (new customers) your complete billing address. This is the address that is associated with the credit card you intend to use to make your purchase. Your credit card will not be charged at this time.

    New customers may submit their e-mail address and create a password to create their account, although creating an account is not required. Only customers who create an account will be able to log into the site again later to review their order status or order history. Click on "Continue Checkout" when you are ready to proceed to the next step.

    Shipping Information
    This page allows you to see all of your items by recipient and to enter (or confirm, for returning customers) your recipient's "Ship-To" addresses. You will also be promoted to choose a shipping method for each shipping address on your order. A free personalized message can still be entered, and will appear on the shipping label of the gift being sent to them. We highly recommend including your name in this greeting, as this is the only way the recipient will know who the gift is coming from.

    Review and Payment
    The next page will give you an opportunity to review all of the information for your order. Please be sure to review all of the addresses on your order. We are not responsible for orders that are shipped to wrong addresses that are provided. You may click on the edit icons if any additional changes are required. Once the information is verified, you will enter your credit card type, number and expiration date at the bottom of the page. Clicking the "Place Order Now" button will immediately charge your credit card and send your order to be processed and shipped.

    Order Confirmation
    Now that your order has been placed you will see the order confirmation page, which you may wish to print for your records. If you provided us with an e-mail address during the checkout process, you will receive the Order Confirmation by e-mail.

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  • Valid Payment Methods

    Valid Payment Methods

    Payment for all goods must be by credit or debit card, or with your PayPal account.

    We accept payment with:

    • VISA
    • PAYPAL *Will be available at later date

    Pfaelzer Brothers gift certificates are also redeemable online, but are not redeemable for cash. Only one Gift Certificate per order, please call 1.800.715.1473 to redeem multiples. Gift certificates are also one-time use only. To see all gift certificate restrictions, click here.

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