Submitting an Order

New or Returning Customers
To continue to checkout, you may either log in with your e-mail address and password if you are a returning customer, or continue without logging in if you are a new customer. New customers will be given the opportunity to create an account later in the checkout process, but may also continue as a guest. Guest customers will NOT be able to log into the site again later to review their order status or order history.

Billing Address
To continue, you must first verify (logged in customers) or submit (new customers) your complete billing address. This is the address that is associated with the credit card you intend to use to make your purchase. Your credit card will not be charged at this time.

New customers may submit their e-mail address and create a password to create their account, although creating an account is not required. Only customers who create an account will be able to log into the site again later to review their order status or order history. Click on "Continue Checkout" when you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Shipping Information
This page allows you to see all of your items by recipient and to enter (or confirm, for returning customers) your recipient's "Ship-To" addresses. You will also be promoted to choose a shipping method for each shipping address on your order. A free personalized message can still be entered, and will appear on the shipping label of the gift being sent to them. We highly recommend including your name in this greeting, as this is the only way the recipient will know who the gift is coming from.

Review and Payment
The next page will give you an opportunity to review all of the information for your order. Please be sure to review all of the addresses on your order. We are not responsible for orders that are shipped to wrong addresses that are provided. You may click on the edit icons if any additional changes are required. Once the information is verified, you will enter your credit card type, number and expiration date at the bottom of the page. Clicking the "Place Order Now" button will immediately charge your credit card and send your order to be processed and shipped.

Order Confirmation
Now that your order has been placed you will see the order confirmation page, which you may wish to print for your records. If you provided us with an e-mail address during the checkout process, you will receive the Order Confirmation by e-mail.